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WoW!  What a great article.  Batson nails it on the head.  It’s time to LEARN! – JPM

The Problem of ‘Pedagogy’ in a Web 2.0 Era
By Trent Batson06/15/11

In a time of knowledge stability, teach; in a time of rapid change in knowledge, learn…

Clearly, we have left the time of knowledge stability and entered a time of incredibly rapid change. Web 2.0, a term coined in 2004, is a description of the new Web architecture, but is also a historical marker between the era of comfortable stability and the era of unsettling change. Many in higher education say we have accordingly turned to learning and away from teaching, but in fact we haven’t. Most educators I talk with are unaware of the degree of change necessary today or of the degree to which deep change will continue over the coming decades. And so, the dominant emphasis on teaching remains.

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